Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 1

The first day was based on 4 separate workshops under the headings of Admin, Teaching with Moodle, Assessment and Developer.

I decided that I would go to the Assessment workshops as I went to Michelle Moore's sessions on Glossary and Database last year, although I would liked to have see the Workshop activity again. The new assignment was being showed in both sessions at sometime during the day.

So off I went to see the @moodlefairy aka Mary Cooch and @BBarrington aka Becky Barrington to find out in more depth about the Gradebook, I was keen to see how rating or grading of databases, forums and glossaries was going to work and how they go into the Gradebook.

So Mary introduced us to her Celebrity Flat Share and explained how we were going to use the various activities mentioned above, add a post to the forum and add an entry to the database and then we would rate them, we also rated the celebrities that were held in a database and the top two with the most ratings would be the celebrities who would be in the flat with two of us 'students'. We all added a forum post saying why we should go into the flat and then added a recipe as an entry into a glossary, we then went onto rate other people's recipes saying whether they were tasty or very tasty, loved having hands on, learning how to use these tools in a different way than I'm used to.

Learnt about using categories in the Gradebook and how the grade can be set to zero if you are doing activities for fun and don't want it to be added to the final course grade, the category could be called just for fun and all activities that don't need to be graded can be put into this category.

We looked at outcomes within moodle and how it can be used for competency, goal setting, criteria and standards. Look at http://tinyurl.com/moodleoutcomes for more help on outcomes.

Quizzes in 2.5 condenses the options in MCQs so there is no need to scroll and will only have the HTML editing if the button is clicked to show it. Mary gave us a quiz to do within Moolde and depending on how you rated yourself on how certain you were depended how many points you got for the answer you gave. This is known as CBM - certainty based marked Eg. You get the answer correct and you ticked the box that you were very sure you had the correct answer the you got 3 points, for a wrong answer that you were certain you had it right you got -2 points......I ended up with -1/10, must try harder next time!!!

Mary then went on to show us various other quiz types that can be added into moodle as a plugin from moodle.org, also have a look www.jamiep.org for an interactive tour of the moodle quiz

Assignments has changed greatly in 2.4, they are now all under one assignment and you choose your type of assignment when you are editing the settings. There is also a cut off date in assignments now, I'm guessing this is the final final date of late submissions, you can also extend individual student's deadlines, this maybe used if the student was off ill and missed the deadline submission date for genuine reason. Students can submit assignments in groups, this is great for collaborative work. Students can have individual grades or one grade for whole group, and can set so all student HAVE to upload or add something. Have a look at groupings for student groups here for extra help. http://tinyurl.com/groupingstudentgroups. In assignment we can now mark blind, the identifier is totally random - one issue could be students name their file with their name, the activities block will show who has upload assignment. Once the assignment has been marked you can reveal who was who in the marking area/gradebook. Rubrics is criteria based marking and you need to make the assignment before you add the rubric, the marking guide is another feature to be used in assignments, this shows the students how their work will be graded and also shows all the teachers in the course the marking guide so they all mark to the same criteria, frequently used comments can be added and used repeatedly in the future.

They chose the 2 flat mates that were going to flat share with Stephen Fry, Martin Dougiamas, Einstein and Winnie the Pooh. Jedward were a definite no!!! These results came from the voting in the database we did earlier in the day.

If you want to practice anything in 2.4 you can go to school.demo.moodle.net and login either as a student, teacher or manager, the course automatically get cleaned every hour on the hour!! Happy Moodling !!

All in all a fab day so far.....

Met Martin Dougiamas, Becky and I spoke to him and had our piccy taken with him at the drinks reception before the quiz evening. I wasn't on the team that came last but not far off.

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